Why I Support Chick Fil’ A

Somethings amaze me about this whole Chick Fil a fiasco. It amazes me how Liberals are railing against this company. They are proving their tolerance for the views of others by calling in bomb threats, verbally attacking the hourly employees and vandalizing restaurants because of the personal opinion of one of the executives. An executive who, I might add never once mentioned gay rights or gay marriage. They are railing against the fact that the company gives money to Christian organizations that believe in the traditional family unit. It is to the point that on a lot of liberal bulletin boards and gay rights groups have predictably turned this into an attack on Christianity. They portray anyone who would still eat there as a homophobic bible thumper.

It amuses me how Gay Rights groups actually think that having their kiss in at the restaurants is going to make anybody do anything other have lunch. I support their right to hold their kiss in, as long as they do not impede patrons from getting their lunch which at this point it appears they have not done. I think it is meaningless for the simple fact that these groups and their ilk have somehow convinced themselves that the hourly minimum wage workers at Chick Fil’ A give a rats ass about their “protest” or even the fact that they are gay. These are people that drag themselves out of bed to go to a job that barely pays them enough to pay their bills or feed their families. They seem to have also convinced themselves that the majority of the public cares at all about this. This is an issue to them and them alone. Yet these arrogant, I mean tolerant liberals and activist groups feel it is OK to take their meaningless rage out on minimum wage employees and people on their lunch hour.

At this point the intolerant tolerance police are painting every employee of this company as homophobic hate mongers and the corporation as discriminatory. Yet there are openly gay employees of Chick Fil’ A that have not been fired. Not only that but if everyone that works there really hate gays why is it that at some of the restaurants the employees bought out and offered free lemonade to the protester. Those hateful chicken making bastards. REAL liberals are better than this kind of behavior. At least that is what I would like to believe but then again I have been wrong before.

I support Chick Fil’ A because I support the First Amendment and the right of an owner of a company to run that company anyway they see fit. Not because I hate Gays.

2 Responses to “Why I Support Chick Fil’ A”

  1. This just shows that the Left does not understand this Chick-Fil-A thing at all. What we saw on Wednesday were Christians reacting to anti-Christian hate.

    All this started because someone effectively asked a devout Christian what the Bible says about homosexuality. They did not ask a devout Muslim on the board of OPEC what Islam thinks of homosexuality.

    The people who are against Chick-Fil-A claim they’re pro-Gay, but they’re really just anti-Christian, and that’s what we’re reacting to. We’re just tired of it.

    • White Male Oppressor Says:

      The interview was done by a Christian organization asking a Christian what he thought what a crime.

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